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Right colors – The strongest team


Color CoachingColour coaching method with a chocolate theme


  • Extremely participative; all participants enjoy an equal level of input and are fully involved in activities
  • Harnesses the hand-mind connection; the hands are fully deployed throughout the learning process
  • Chocolate makes things easier to absorb, thus making them easier to remember
  • Encourages the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas
  • A personal ‘colour’ pattern enables you to rapidly determine shared goals and working methods based on self-awareness and your colleagues’ thought patterns
  • Teaches participants to break free from normal thinking patterns

Why opt for colour coaching?

  • Facilitates the solving of complex challenges, even when there’s no obvious solution or one right answer. Assigns the right employees to the right tasks based on ‘colour’ recognition. Enables managers to harness improved knowledge of their team for deriving fresh insights
  • Builds an overall picture of the current system within your organisation via personal colours, team roles, relationships and culture etc.
  • Increases mutual understanding within groups; enables each individual team member to utilise their personal knowledge and skills effectively within the team.
  • Allows you to discover new ways of thinking.
  • Fully engages every team member and fosters a constructive team spirit.
  • Gives everyone an equal opportunity to have their say; workshop participants are all treated on the same level, enabling each and every participant to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Workshop themes suited to the colour coaching method include: team building, self-awareness, improving understanding of colleagues via personal colour determination, corporate culture, strategy development and leadership development etc.

Workshop duration: a half day to one full day

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